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Critical Illness cover

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Put simply, Critical Illness Cover will pay out a sum of money if you are diagnosed with a critical illness. The most common types of critical illnesses claimed upon are cancer, heart attack and stroke and some policies can cover up to as many as forty different illnesses, including blindness and multiple sclerosis.

Being diagnosed with a critical illness is a huge worry in itself without having to concern yourself about finances too. It's likely you will have many decisions to make. Would it be beneficial to have private treatment? Can you continue to work? You may have to alter your home, or would simply like to take a long holiday with your family to help you recover. A critical illness plan will help you to financially cope should the worst happen and give you options. The added benefit of a critical illness policy is that even if you are in a position to continue to work, claims can still be paid.

Children's critical illness cover is also included in policies, to give parents added peace of mind should the worst happen to their children.

Not all critical illness policies are the same; the number of conditions covered can vary greatly so it's important for you to look carefully at what you could claim on. These plans are designed to protect you in the event of an illness that has a significant impact upon your life so not every illness will be covered, even ones you may consider to be critical. Some early stage cancers for example will not lead to a payout because recovery can be fairly swift.

It's important also to mention that even if you are unable to work due to illness, a claim may be refused if you do not meet one of the specified definitions. Critical Illness Cover is not designed to protect you in the event of not being able to work, but if you need this type of cover, we can arrange for you to take out an Income Protection Policy which will do this.

We can recommend a whole range of critical illness policies, in addition to a similar product that can cover you for over 100 illnesses, so let us help you to find the one that best suits your circumstances.

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