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Arranging life insurance cover is usually straightforward. You decide how much cover you need, over how many years you need the cover for, you sign on the dotted line and you pay your monthly premiums.

However, there can be many factors that make a difference to the time your life insurance cover takes to arrange and the amount you have to pay.

These factors will often come to light either when you first talk to an adviser, or when you complete your life insurance cover application form.

  • Dangerous sports and hobbies 
    Activities defined as 'dangerous' in terms of life insurance are: Aviation, Climbing/Mountaineering, Diving, Motorsport, Parachuting.
  • High risk occupations
    The most common areas of concern are: Working at heights, Oil and gas industry (particularly working offshore), Armed Forces, Pilots, Fishermen.
  • Medical history
    The most common areas of concern are: Health issues, Family history, Weight, Bowel conditions, Depression/Stress/Anxiety, Diabetes, Cancer, High blood pressure, Male homosexuality, Smoking.

LifeSearch advisers will always be happy to offer expert guidance and advice on the most appropriate life insurance policy and life insurance company to suit your actual circumstances.

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