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Income Protection - First insurance you should buy

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Most people look to Life Insurance when they look for Protection cover. Yet it is far more likely that they average working man or woman will suffer a long term illness or disability that stops them from working than they are to die within the term of the policy. This is why taking financial advice can be so important. At LifeSearch we frequently speak to clients who are aware that they need some form of cover but are unsure what that should be. That’s where an adviser can help you decide what to buy and how much to cover yourself for. Those that don't take advice risk buying the wrong policy and discovering, when they need to put in a claim, that they do not have an adequate level of cover.

You can take out a policy that doesn't expire until retirement age or alternatively you can but a policy for a much shorter period of time, such as five years. When buying an Income Protection policy you also need to decide which kind of deferred period you would like. A deferred period is the time between when a person first puts in a claim and when that policy starts to pay out. The longer the deferred period the less expensive the policy. This is a good option for those people who get a lengthy amount of sick pay from their employer, who will cover the initial period of the illness and the Income Protection policy can then be set to pay out it the client continues to be off work after the employer's sick pay stops.

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