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Tom Baigrie about Real Life Cover

Real Life Cover Insurance

Real Life Cover insurance explained by Tom Baigrie, LifeSearch Managing Director

Transcript of Real Life Cover insurance video

Hi, you want to know a bit about real life cover, well I am the chap who invented it so let me tell you why it's called real life cover. That’s because it covers you against life’s real financial crisis.

Now for me a real financial crisis is one that costs you your income, it's the loss of income that leaves us destitute. How can you lose your income? If you think about it and I have there are really only 5 realistic ways that can happen. The first is if you die, the second is if you are long term sick and can't work, the third is if someone in your family; your child or your partner or your spouse or your parent is so ill you have to take time off work to look after them, the fourth is if you become unemployed and the fifth, an odd one really, but a major health event that leaves you perhaps technically able to work after a short while but really not wanting to for a long while, that happens a lot. Real life cover covers you against all five of those eventualities in one straight forward package.

How does it do that? Well as it should. You choose how much cover you want, you choose how long you want you and your family to be protected for, I think most people should have four times their income as cover but you know that's your decision. Take advice, please, and make it an individual thing.

Lets say you choose to have two hundred thousand pounds worth of real life cover, we treat that as two separate pots of two hundred thousand pounds. The first one pays out if you die during the policy, the second one pays out if you lose your income but don't die.

Remember that can happen for several different reasons and we can pay out many times and we can pay out several times at once, and if you are claiming we pay your premiums for you so that you never lose the long term cover. Specifically if you are long term sick we pay out two thousand pounds a month for up to about 100 months that’s about 8 years. If you have a heart attack, a stroke or a cancer we advance a year of that benefit, twenty four thousand pounds on diagnosis. If your child or your partner or spouse is so ill you have to become their registered carer we'll again pay out a years worth of benefit, twenty four thousand pounds. If it's unemployment or your parents being so ill you have to take time off of work to look after them that you fear then you can elect for that option and again we will pay out a years worth of benefit as you need it.

Remember, we will pay out as each or any of those events happen, because if they do you’ll need the money, and then if you die we will pay out the two hundred thousand pounds as well because your dependents will need the money. That seems to me to be real life cover. Now you will have lots of questions, please call the LifeSearch adviser and ask if they have all the answers. They will also tell you how much it costs, which is surprisingly little especially if you know we expect one in seven people who have real life cover to claim on it. That's because it's very comprehensive twenty first century cover that protects you against the real risks you face. That's probably why you should have it; so do give us a call, thank you.

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