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  • A trust gets the life insurance straight to where you want it
  • A trust will help your family avoid probate delays if you die
  • A trust will help them avoid Inheritance tax too.

For the vast majority of situations, the most sensible thing is to put your life insurance policy in trust. And in most instances, this should be a Flexible Trust.

Flexible Trust

A Flexible Trust allows you and others to control what happens to the money after your death. At the outset, you decide who is to benefit and in what proportion.

The great advantage of this?

  • The money is passed directly to your beneficiaries, without reference to your will or the taxman.
  • It speeds up the process of getting the money to your beneficiaries by, on average, six months. Absolutely vital!
  • A Trust is also key if you wish to avoid falling into the Inheritance Tax trap.

Trusts are very easy to arrange, and LifeSearch does not charge for setting them up on behalf of LifeSearch customers.

How do I do this?

We make this an easy process for you with no forms to complete, our Trust Team do it all for you! They can book an appointment with you to complete this over the phone!

So it's free, simple and above all very sensible! So, if you are a LifeSearch customer, all you need to do is call our Trusts Team on 0800 804 6822 and let them know you want to know more, or email them at

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