Lifesearch LifeSearch voted the Protection Intermediary of the Year for 2013 by Money Marketing magazine
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Provider of the Decade

We wanted to mark 10 years of the LifeSearch Protection Awards with a special award to recognise the provider who has delivered the most over the same period. The winner was clear by miles. They face far stiffer competition these days, and will hopefully avoid resorting to the price war tactics they once preferred, but be it Electronic processing, Tele-Interviewing or Preferred Life Underwriting, they have led the way and have had a consistently strong proposition throughout the last ten years which has won them 18 LifeSearch awards in total. The Protection Provider of the Decade is Legal & General.

LifeSearch Protection Awards 2013

LifeSearch Protection Awards 2013 >>>

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LifeSearch wins another prestigious award for 2013

Best Protection Adviser
9 years in the last 10
for advice, service, innovation

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