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Why LifeSearch?

Quite simply, we are the leaders in our field, the real experts when it comes to life insurance and protection.

Every LifeSearch adviser is a highly knowledgeable professional. As you might expect, we encourage all of them to take the life insurance industry examinations - and you can rest assured, that if they don't hold all the qualifications already, then they'll be busy studying for them.

But achieving exam results is not the really key thing as far as we're concerned. To be a really good, successful LifeSearch adviser, we put them through our own training programme, one that we've built and developed over the years so that our advisers' knowledge and skills are truly second to none.

So why LifeSearch?


  • We know the life insurance business inside out;
  • We pledge to give you honest, un-biased advice as to the right type of life insurance and protection policy for your particular needs;
  • We guarantee to give you the most competitive premium possible after we've found the right cover for you.

Because LifeSearch offers the very best value...

  • When you make a claim
    Our claims team will help you win your claim and also pay so you can ask any question you like of the UK's best disability and bereavement counsellors. None of our competitors offer these when it really matters.
  • When you buy...
    We know our stuff.  Our advice is not about selling, it's about getting it right for you. We highlight the differences between similar contracts which can make all the difference when you claim. Because we record calls the Ombudsman can hold us to account if we get it wrong. Our main competitors don’t allow that at all.
  • In Trust...
    Life insurance should be placed in a trust to get the money to the right people at the right time. Trusts avoid the delay caused by probate rules and can avoid Inheritance Tax too. We can arrange them for you, free.
  • With Dedication...
    Fed up being passed from pillar to post?  At LifeSearch, one adviser deals with your enquiry from start to finish so they get to understand you and your needs.
  • And Award winning professionalism...
    We don't do hard sell, we do good advice. That’s why we’ve won 45 advisory awards in the last 10 years. That’s many times the next best and means you’re in a safe, experienced pair of hands.
  • And without hassle...
    We can fill in all the forms over the phone with you and get you and your family protected really fast and really well.

Only for LifeSearch Customers

If you became seriously ill, what value would you and your family put on more support, more help and more care?

This is why LifeSearch has created LifeSearchCare, an exclusive care and counselling service for you and your family - when and where you need it most.

What can LifeSearchCare do for you?

Should the need arise, you will be entitled to:

  • A Personal Nurse Adviser.
  • A free home visit from a relevant health professional. This might be:
    • A Specialist Nurse for conditions surrounding oncology, cardiology, neurology or requiring rehabilitation.
    • Or: A Therapist for occupational health, physiotherapy or speech.
    • Or: A Counsellor - when and if the need arises.
  • A care plan, detailing key points from the home visit.
  • Contact details and fact-sheets for specialist charities and self-help groups.
  • Ongoing access to your Personal Nurse Adviser by telephone.

You will automatically qualify for LifeSearchCare when you arrange your life insurance (with Terminal Illness), Critical Illness Cover or Income Protection Plan through LifeSearch.

LifeSearchCare is available to customers (and their dependants) who have been diagnosed with a serious illness or chronic health condition that is likely to have a long-term impact on their lifestyle or wellbeing.

If you're reading this then our hope is that you too think like us! Call LifeSearch for free and friendly advice.

0800 316 3166

Tom Baigrie Talks about Why LifeSearch

"Hello. I guess you're trying to sort out life insurance, or critical illness, or income protection, or at least thinking about it, and wondering if LifeSearch is the right place to come to.

Well, I founded the LifeSearch back in 1998, so let me have a very brief go at telling you why it's the very best thing you can do.

You need to do 2 things, I reckon. You need to get the right policy for you set up in the right way, but you need to do that at the most competitive price.

Well, I can be very confident about pricing. We write over 40,000 policies a year. We use all of the major, and most of the minor insurers, and for almost all of them we're a top 5 customer. That means we get their keenest prices every time and we certainly pass those onto you.

But what makes us different, what I don't think anyone else does quite like us, is, we train our 80+ advisers to be absolute experts in protection. They have the systems and the service to analyse your situation and provide the right solution for you, and get it on-risk and covered in the fastest possible time.

Above all though, we've trained them to take pride in doing what's right for you, not just making a sale. They honestly are professionals in a world of floggers!

Lastly, our scale and their skill means that should you or yours need to make a claim, you have genuine power behind you. We're the only middle man of our sort to run a full time claims desk whose job it is to fight your corner when you need it most. What's more, we record all our conversations with you so the insurer has no wriggle-room whatsoever.

That everything I'm saying is true is proven a bit by the fact that we get over 100 customers a week writing in to say that what we do is exceptional. Their words, you can find elsewhere in this website, or some of them anyway, and they're all absolutely verbatim. And that testimony has helped us win over 45 industry awards for advice, specialist knowledge, service and price, and I don't think any of our competitors have won more than half, or even a third of that number in truth.

So, I can promise that LifeSearch will give you very good advice and very good service at an extremely competitive price.

So, please do give us a go.

Thank you"

(This video was recorded at one of our contact centres by Tom Baigrie, founder and Managing Director of LifeSearch)

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Success Stories

We work hard for all our clients. We are proud of our success in the help that we deliver day in and day out, and we invite you to read about our Success Stories. If you would like to know more then please contact us.

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LifeSearch wins another prestigious award for 2013

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